Benefits of Membership

20 Reasons on why you should join Network 360! –

  1. There is no joining fee for NW 360.

  2. There is no administration or hidden fees other than a one-off annual very low membership subscription.

  3. NW 360 does not hold AGMs, (Annual General Meetings) which removes the additional financial burden of annual travel and accommodation costs.

  4. The above makes it very easy for agents in all countries, (whether large, medium or small economies) to justify membership as it is very workable, easily recoupable, and is in response to the fact that many agents simply cannot justify such annual financial commitments anymore to maintain the obligations of their membership with other networks.

  5. NW 360 provides its members with an instant connection to a ready made global network of committed agents in key and strategic areas so they may compete together with larger competitors on price and service to win business together.

  6. NW 360 provides a very simple user friendly site to access all your partners’ details very quickly and easily.

  7. If additional offices are needed to be booked and covered for you, discounts can be negotiated for other offices (or also other countries)

  8. Recommendations are rewarded, if you introduce another agent to the group successfully, you will qualify for a reduction on your next fees at the anniversary of your renewal.

  9. All agents applying undergo a comprehensive application process to protect everyone.

  10. NW 360 is an exclusive network (except USA, China, India and a few other countries available on request); You can join NW360 and be in other groups, so you can instantly create another set of international business partners by joining.

  11. As stated at point 2, NW 360 has one of THE lowest Freight Network costs anywhere, please contact us to find out more or to book your place!

  12. NW 360 will not impose heavy sets of rules and regulations like some Networks, but will oversee that the network is run professionally and honestly at all times by admitting only the highest quality member agents.

  13. Any agent not upholding the values of NW360 will be quickly identified and terminated (with a zero tolerance policy applying)

  14. Monthly updates and bulletins are provided to all company main contacts so you are kept informed of all the latest developments within the group.

  15. Our experience as networkers with a proven track record over 10 years to continue to build and develop NW360 into a truly global consortium.

  16. A relaxed an easy network to belong to with no fees due until your application is approved.

  17. NW 360 is a quick and easy name to remember, with a very short domain name; simply we want an endless cycle of good service for our agent clients who join us so everyone can grow and enjoy the success of the network together!


The purpose of NW 360 is to provide a very affordable and easy to use networking platform for all agents worldwide, as either an addition to your current world contacts, or to compliment and add to them. The one off fee and no other costs make this the most competitive and easiest networking solution currently on offer in the industry!

Contact us now at to enquire about membership.